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Fare ye well, chilly head

Squoosh squish goes this hat. Should be really toasty and keep the chill at bay, outside or in. This was fun to knit, something a bit different for me. I’ve always been mostly about knitted jumpers but hats are becoming a new fascination. So many different constructions, quick and interesting and very useful at this time of year.




We don’t need hats inside in our house now. Behold, the perfect knitting environment 🙂



Hat week challenge a different way

I enjoyed my hat week challenge so much I decided to do another one. Also I have a friend with a bad back and a cold head who I think will really enjoy a new hat. The one she currently wears (at home, a lot of the time) she found abandoned on a beach. This is a spirit of resourcefulness that really resonates for Ben. Me, I just think she might really like a new hat.

The pattern of choice is Woollywormhead’s Elourne. The yarn is from Malabrigo in a grey/purple. It’s a worsted weight so it was going to knit up pretty quickly although this week we have been beset by illness and busyness more than previously. None the less, I cast on last Wednesday and cast off the following Monday. If I were a gift knitter, hats would be the way to go.

I went for a really simple cast on to give a bit of a stretchy edge, after quite a bit of swatching to find the right gauge.


After a day of knitting I was getting into the cable and lace pattern. This was really fun – a repeat of four rounds, two of which were all knit stitches and the others really simple, straightforward cabling. I love how squishy the cables look in this yarn.


A relaxing weekend away with good friends and quite a bit of knitting time and we are nearly there:


And this time I remembered to do a pre-blocking photo (sorry, it was dark) so we can see a before and after contrast:


I will publish the finished object when it’s come out of the block and the sun is up…

Hand spun neck warmer

Nothing like a steady stream of finished objects to make me want to knit knit knit. Here is the neck warmer I finished just before the five day hat adventure. Four colours of hand spun Shetland, one of merino and one of baby camel/BFL.


It changed quite a bit from the original plan, which was to use the Anne Hanson pattern that matches the fingerless mittens I made some time ago. The pattern for those calls for one colour of yarn and I found with my stripes it was all a bit much.


So I changed the pattern to make it much simpler and added a row of double crochet round the edges to stabilize it. I think it’s going to need lining as it is still a bit itchy. That should help keep the wind out though…