Monthly Archives: March 2014

Wholly satisfying

The Rocky Coast Cardigan is complete and it was just about one of the most satisfying projects to knit. I loved the yarn (from wool bothy on eBay) and the pattern made perfect sense both in terms on construction, design and instructions. Altogether it made for the kind of project I’ll miss making, if only whilst I’m not wearing this cosiest of cardigans 🙂










Sew: this is different

We have a problem at our ecclesia. No one is quite sure to whom which tea towels belong. The room we meet in is used by a whole other load of people. We just can’t keep track of the tea towels. It’s a big deal, obviously (it’s obviously not, actually but, you know…).


Here’s my solution. This week I bought 20 tea towels and am busy embroidering references from the Bible onto them. I’ve never done embroidery before but it’s pretty fun and I feel there is progress in my skill. The verses I’ve chosen are either ones that have something to do with washing up or getting clean (e.g. Matt 23) or might generate interesting discussion during the washing up or are ones I like (Isaiah 55:13 and Jer 17:8 are part of why we named our children as we did).

I have about ten verses picked out so far. Anyone have any suggestions?