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Just about Red’s jumper


…which I finished ages ago, and he really loves. And I really love him, so this makes me very happy…

IMG_1738 (1)


Yarn store tourism

My husband is about to go on a “business trip”. With his company that means going to a really cool place and doing things like sky diving, white water rafting and mountain biking.

So here’s my guide to being a tourist in a place and finding a yarn store. In my opinion, this is what you should buy your hard working and lonely wife (no subtext here, it’s all very much overt!):

1) Definitely buy something. Do not leave a yarn store empty handed. Ever. Especially if your wife is at home with the children and you just jumped out of a plane. It would be like jumping out of a plane. Without a parachute. Really.

2) Buy something that comes in a skein, rather than a ball. It’s a good sign that it’s something nice.

3) You pay for what you get, and you’re on a really fabulous trip, whilst your wife is not. I am not at all bitter about this. At all. But even so, you should buy some expensive yarn.

4) Variety is the spice of life. You should buy several things.

5) Choose something you can’t get anywhere else if possible. Locally produced, hand dyed, that kind of thing. Then it really is like a souvenir only it’s also useful.

6) Try to get both yarn and spinning fibre. That would go down very well.

7) If possible, visit more than one yarn store and follow all of the rules above (yes, they are rules, not just suggestions..).

8) There are several yarn stores in Utah. Some of them look really nice.

9) Have a great trip 😉


Dutch Inspiration

We went to Holland and stayed in a wooden igloo. It was at Easter which is ages ago, but life caught up with me for a while. Enough people noticed I had stopped blogging to make me think I would like to start blogging again. Thanks.


There were tulips.


And Noah’s ark.


And lots of other nice things including a really nice wool shop called Knotten. I bought some undyed Dutch Shetland yarn in four of the six colours in which it is made. The kind of thing you can’t easily get outside of Holland and just the right souvenir.
In the shop window was a blanket sample knit up in all six colours.


It’s Kate Davies Rams and Yowes blanket. The pattern calls for Jamieson and
Smith Shetland yarn which comes in 9 natural, undyed shades and I think it is stunning. Looks tricky too! Colour work knit in the round to avoid tricky colour work purls and then steeked. Don’t know what steeking is? It means cutting, yep, cutting your knitting. Wow scary stuff. Something I am really keen to try. I can see why Shetland yarn would work well; it’s got a kind of stickiness to it that would I think mean the whole piece would just sit tight before you sew it up rather than falling apart but I bet it would be a tense moment or two while you cut. Definitely something I’d like to try. And the rewards would be worth it for sure.