Monthly Archives: October 2014

Dyeing for fun

It all started when I bought three whole raw fleeces at the Cotswold Farm Park in about July. That is a whole lot of fleece which makes it feel like a good opportunity for learning and playing.

I bought three different types of fleece; portland and kerry hill are both fluffy and soft, and cotswold which is the curly topped sheep you see in the Cotswolds. So far I’ve just been spinning the portland which is fairly easy and very satisfying.¬†IMG_0266

The dyeing technique I have been learning about is using a dye bath of water and vinegar on the stove top. I bought several colours of commercial dye to experiment with.

First up was a silk fibre that was an extra treat for me when I spotted it on sale recently. Initially I dyed it green but it was a bright emerald colour which wasn’t what I was after. Turns out the first thing to learn is to not use too much dye at once. So I added some brown and made a nice olive. Not sure what I’ll make with this.IMG_0274¬†IMG_0278Myrtle wanted to get in on the action, so together we dyed some red. We were kind of aiming for pink (at least, Myrtle was aiming for pink) and I painted bits of brown before submerging the yarn in the dye bath to get a tonal effect. Really pleased with how that came out. It has turned into a wide headband with owls on for Myrtle. Seems a habit of hers to be Not Sure for a few months, before she loves to learn things I’ve made for her. So maybe I’ll get a photo in a few months time.IMG_0277¬†Another thing I learned was to use gloves.IMG_0256