Monthly Archives: April 2015


There has not been a lot of blogging lately, but there has been a lot of knitting. Also quite a lot of spinning and some dyeing. Plenty to write about but not heaps of time it. Maybe I will catch up. It’s going to feel a bit like a year in review, although it hasn’t actually been a year (kind of feels like maybe it has..).

Last Easter we visited Holland and I was inspired to try my hand at some colourwork. It is said by some knitters that either your a colourwork knitter, or a lace knitter. Turns out I am both.


Not sure why, but Kate Davies’ Peerie Flooers hat is a very popular first colourwork project and it was the one I chose too. I guess being a hat makes it seem manageable and there’s no steeking to get frightened by.





IMG_2277 copy

Turns out my adventures into continental style knitting (instead of English knitting which was where I started) had an unexpected benefit. There are lots of ways of working colourwork, which typically involves knitting with two colours at one time and one of them is to hold one colour in each hand and knit using a different method with each hand. So in my left hand I held one colour and knitted using a continental method, and with my right I held the other colour and knitted in the English style. Yep, easy as that. But way more pleasing. Also being a loose knitter helped me keep an even tension which I think is often a challenge with colourwork.

myhat copy

As there are two colours in each row, the fabric you create is double thickness which has made this a super-cosy hat for the winter.

myhat3 copy