Cardigan Bay

Last summer we spent an unprecedented amount of time in Cardigan Bay in Wales. It is a beautiful stretch of coastline with towns that don’t quite live up to the scenery in which they are set. Which is to say the carousels and arcades of Barmouth aren’t quite as nice as the beaches and mountains that surround it.


Sometime before we were set to go I decided it was about time to use some Brooklyn Tweed that I had as part of a yarn club a couple of years ago. The pattern in the club was for a shawl which I liked but not enough to want to make. I did have some ideas of my own though. I decided to get an extra skein in a dark yellow kind of colour and make a short sleeve jumper inspired by Cardigan Bay. And I liked that a jumper was called Cardigan. Yeh that’s quite silly.

So last summer I started. On 2.5mm needles. This will take a while. It really did take a while. But there’s sand, a high water mark and the waves in the sea. Just like Cardigan Bay. And now it’s finished and it fits and is getting lots of wear too.


Something I have discovered is that I can knit in the car if it’s all using knit stitch, which this is. There are two advantages to this. Much more knitting time. And much less back seat driving.



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