Crocuses for a March baby

Seems like there’s lots of baby news around here. I mean, not right here, just to be clear. More like next door. We have the best next door neighbours that there are. So good they let us share their garden. Which is to say we cut down the hedge and share the double garden. It is great. They are great. So they were definitely eligible for a blanket when they announced the arrival of a beautiful baby girl. She was due in March, just as all the crocuses round here are helping us remember what spring looks like and will be coming soon (I know, now it’s July; I’ve been busy..). So Anne Hanson’s Crocus Patch seemed like the right choice.


I really enjoyed this pattern. Interesting enough to keep me on my toes but also predictable enough to be relaxing; the kind of pattern you can settle into.

Made with Repix (

Made with Repix (

What is extra pleasing is that I have spotted the blanket around the place, chilling out on the floor and on the back of the sofa: evidence it Is Used. A knitter’s heart’s desire – not just stuck in a draw somewhere.

Made with Repix (

Made with Repix (


2 thoughts on “Crocuses for a March baby

  1. Samantha Nagtegaal

    This is a gorgeous blanket Bek 🙂 I haven’t knitted in so long, it’s making my fingers tingle looking at it! I have to say, it looks realy lovely gainst that plaid throw they have over the sofa!
    xxx Sam

  2. Abi P

    Just looking back at this lovely post…. 😃 this is definitely still Used. In the den-making business today so it’s curled up on the floor with cardboard boxes, dolls and the camping chairs. Myrtle and Livy 💕


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