Monthly Archives: March 2016

End of a hiatus

Hello. Here I am again. It’s been a while. Thanks to those people who have kept checking for updates so that I felt like maybe I should write some more.

Although there’s not been much blogging, there’s been lots of knitting and quite a lot of spinning.

There’s been ways of fixing yarn which have been a bit ridiculous (you can just stick it in the steamer if you want to steam it to fix the twist); this is completely unnecessary:

There was this really nice shawl pattern made with the yarn I bought at Wonderwool quite a while ago now.

IMG_0455 (1) IMG_0456 (1)

And a colourwork hat with a comedy pom pom (sorry, another bad picture).


There are also extra bobbins on the wall for hanging yarn which seems like a good reason for making more yarn.

12568911_225871384414690_78482372_n(photo by Mat Foster)

Time to get back to the knitting 🙂