Monthly Archives: April 2016

Pom pom pfffrhpphh

Not all that glamourous or interesting, pom poms. And pretty tedious to make. Which is why some people have invented this kind of thing: pom pom makers.

Thing with this is I am not really into pom poms. I think I’ve made two in the last ten years. They have both been in the last 3 months, but this is not the beginning of an obsession. Now admittedly those pom pom makers are really cheap but they also epitomise why we as a family are doing 100 days without buying anything we don’t need. Like this person here. What we definitely don’t need is more stuff, especially more plastic stuff. Also I have found my own really much quicker way of making pom poms.

Warning: not suitable for perfectionists and people who like order.

I think most people know how you make a pom pom. If not, look here.

I figured as I was making my pom pom, which is for a rabbit which has not been my best friend (more on that another time) that pom pom making is about a lot of wrapping and then a lot of hacking. As long as the middle is tied tightly surely this doesn’t need to be just one thread at a time, right?


Nah, one thread at a time takes ages. Just bundle up the yarn into about 10 threads at a time and wrap it round.


“If you’re going to do something do it perfectly” is not something that was ever said to me as a child. And sometimes I think that’s not such a bad thing.