Monthly Archives: May 2016

Sock yarn rabbit

Very strange thing, knitted toys. We have three, all hand made by Someone Else. They are special. They are loved. They are Horse Donkin, Mouse in a Bag and Mr. Fishamachoo. You definitely can’t buy these in a shop.

And yet I have never wanted to knit a toy. I found myself knitting a rabbit because Myrtle was completely adamant that this was her heart’s desire and she had given me the yarn for my birthday. Two years ago. I did not want to knit this rabbit.

I chose my pattern carefully. I was not going to have patience with a pattern that wasn’t completely clear and straight forward, or one that involved endless sewing up. Susan B. Anderson is a designer you can be confident and everyone who has knit this rabbit seemed to love it. Not me. I just don’t like knitting toys. Which is a problem because Myrtle is really, really happy with her rabbit. It’s called Poppy “because my imaginary friend is called Popper”, which is all you need to know.



I think it’s the face..