A blanket because of Ravelry

There have been quite a few babies in our life over the last little while so there’s been quite a bit of baby blanket knitting.

There were a couple of interesting things about this blanket and the first is that I would never have made it based on the picture for the pattern alone. Here; all pastels and baby vomit. Really not my thing. However, in the projects section where you can see how other people have made it, two really important discoveries. In the right colours this can look really good. And knit in the right (slightly cleverer than the pattern) way this can be a simple and fun knit with no extra border to knit.


The pattern calls for edging where you pick up the stitches when you’ve finished and knit several very, very long rows. I wanted to use the same colour yarn for the slipped stitches and for the edging so that also made it more difficult to work out when to stop, getting as much blanket for the yarn I had as possible without running out. However, on one of the projects someone described a clever way of essentially binding the main body of the knitting to the border as you knit it alongside, with an separate ball. Apparently this is called Intrasia knitting. It’s a lot simpler than it sounds, you just cross over the yarn you’re using for the body of the blanket with the yarn for the edge whenever you switch between the two (every row). This binds it all together and when you cast off, you are done.


One of those things that sounds tricky and complicated, and looks like nothing at all.


Nice yarn to knit with too (from meadowyarn.co.uk – nice online shop, and free tea with your order).

(sorry for the horrid blurry photos. makes your eyes go a bit strange)


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