First foray into colourwork design

When a new baby comes along, I tend to want to knit it something nice. When it’s a new baby in the family, I try to make it really special. Ben’s brother and his wife live in New Zealand and were expecting their baby in December. Summer. It’s usually quite hot there.

So I decided to make the kind of blanket that would be hard wearing for lying on the floor on, or would work as a wall hanging, and I really wanted to design it myself.

Two colours seemed like a good option for a first try, making it a bit more straight forward and avoiding any problematic colour clashing.

New Zealand is quite far away from here but the thing above all that binds us all together is our faith so I wanted to take themes from the Bible and design them into the blanket, creating a piece for the baby that would show them what we believe and hope for.

It was trickier than I expected to get the designs right, and Ben helped me quite a bit as he was better at seeing what would work in little knitted square shapes but here it is:


And this is what it means:

At each end there are 12 sections for the 12 tribes/disciples. Each is made of 3×3 stitches – a threefold cord is not quickly broken. And the cable comes on row seven – in 7 days God finished his work.

Next I did lots of stars, for the spiritual seed of Abraham. These were repeated across the blanket because they will be many.

Then comes the hearts – Love Yahweh your God with all your heart.

Finally lots of trees (we have two children named after trees) because the man who trusts in God is like a tree planted by streams of water (instead of the briar there will be a myrtle tree).

The whole thing is doubled, because, as with Pharaoh’s dreams God’s word is true.




One thought on “First foray into colourwork design

  1. Emma neate

    A lovely blanket with lovely meanings. He is blessed to have such a spiritual, talented aunty! Xx


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