Monthly Archives: August 2016

Taking scissors to your knitting which I mean steeking. The other interesting thing about the colourwork baby blanket was the construction. As you will probably know, colourwork knitting is almost always done in the round to avoid purling with two colours. This seems to be so ubiquitous that when I tried to find out about how to purl basically everything said not to try. This would sometimes be enough to provoke me to try but sometimes it is worth listening to people who know and I figured this was probably one of those times.

When designing a blanket like this, you have to add some stitches to make the steek. I added 12 so had a really wide strip which would be folded over once cut and sewed down, making a reinforced edge. It was pretty scary, because you can’t really practise this much. You spend hours and hours on your piece, and then you sit there looking at it with a pair of scissors in your hand. I did have a go at cutting a swatch to prove the principle to myself. Knitting unravels along the rows horizontally, not up the rows vertically, so cutting vertically makes a cut along a line that the stitches don’t really want to unravel along. Use a sticky yarn (like Shetland) and the whole thing holds together.

It worked with the swatch and, snip, snip, it worked with the blanket. Phew! You can imagine the relief once those rows are sewed down. So relieved I forgot to take pictures.