A good knitter…rips

Sometimes I’m a good knitter. Sometimes not so much. And it’s all about knowing when to pull it all out and start again. I still find it really hard to destroy what I’ve made, even when I know somewhere inside that I’m creating a monstrosity. It is so much better to rip though. No one needs monstrosities in their life.

Here’s a good example which I hope will one day work out for the best. Michell Wang recently released this pattern as part of a Brooklyn Tweed collection. This is one of those projects that yells out to me that I’d really like to make this. Natural colours and squooshy cables.

In our garage I have almost a whole bag of Kerry Hill fleece. It’s a nice natural cream and it is quickly carded ready for spinning. I thought this would be the thing with which to make this project. And the whole bag cost about £7.50 compared to the almost £200 the Brooklyn Tweed yarn would cost. So i spun a nice chunky 3 ply yarn and did a swatch (I know, good move! Usually one I don’t bother with and then regret skipping). The swatch paid off. It was going to be huge. My gauge is really loose. I needed a finer yarn. That seemed like a good thing, I could make a 2 ply yarn much quicker, and for a project this size I would need a lot of yarn which, if I was carding the fleece and then spinning the yarn was going to be pretty ambitious. So I made the 2 ply yarn. No need to swatch this time, right?

Hmm, well I got 42 rows in and decided I needed more stitches – I’d already cut down as it was still going to be a lot more enormous than me (I’m not that enormous), and I’d made a mistake on one of the rows which I would notice, even if no one else would. So I ripped. Good job.

And started again. Good this is good. Until I get about 2/3rds into the back piece of the cardigan. This yarn is so scratchy and not at all soft. There’s no getting away from it. I was about to make a monstrosity. But I’d got so far.

I’ve thought one of those fleeces that you can put on a chair would be nice for a while. Looks like I kind of just knitted one. Seemed a waste to pull out all that knitting and be left with a pile of scratchy yarn. Wouldn’t have bothered to make this otherwise but I quite like it, and I’ve really mastered those complicated cables.


When the 100 days is up, I’m going to buy some alpaca and blue faced leicester and make something as soft and squooshy as this pattern deserves.


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