Measurable progress

One of the things I like about knitting and spinning is the amount there is to learn. Something new with every project. It isn’t always easy to be sure that you’re getting better though, so it was really nice to find some clear evidence of progress in my spinning. I feel like the yarn I’m making is getting softer and squishier, and that I have more control over that.

I had three lots of the same fibre, bought about 3 years ago. I spun the first two lots almost straight away but the third languished for nearly 3 years. Recently I spun it, aiming for the same thickness and using the same plying technique (3 ply, navajo).

And here are the three different skeins. Two quite nobbly and kind of hard. The third visibly fatter and squishier. So different that I had to ditch the big project that would use all three, and go for a single skein cowl for the third skein (which I forgot to photograph). A little annoying, but really good to feel like I have made progress.

IMG_0569 (1)


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