Monthly Archives: November 2016

Yards of Yak

I bought 500g of yak fibre, thinking I’d make a jumper. So soft, such a rich colour and so completely useable. I came to the conclusion that this wasn’t the right thing to make a jumper with, mainly because I wasn’t totally sure that 500g for a 3 ply jumper was enough but also because I think it would pill really badly.

However, it turns out that this is a really good thing to have as fall back spinning – when you want to spin but don’t have a particular project in mind. This is the perfect yarn for accessories. No itch, great colour, and I’m planning to spin the whole lot as 3 ply about sports weight yarn so it will be useful for a really wide range of projects.

So far it’s a hat and mitten set for Red (along with hand-dyed Kerry Hill – which is at least useful for patches of colour) which is getting a satisfyingly well-worn look about it, and which I designed myself.


Next time: bigger thumbs.